Another Ramble of My Thought Life

In a month, I’ll be leaving home for the first time. I just got a full-time  job so that I can do my business administration course, and it’s on the other side of town in another district, which means I have to move in order to get myself to work – which is perfectly fine, because it’s not that far away from the city centre, and I’m so pleased!

I’ve been doing this thing where every now and again I would go to a different cafe, try out their coffee – sometimes, if not most of the time taking an Instagram photo while I’m at it – and do something creative like writing a blog post or starting on my children’s book illustration project.

I cut my own hair, and it looks amazing, and it’s the best haircut I’ve ever had in my entire life.

I spent 2 hours last week talking to a stranger on the street. He was an atheist and was quite adamant that he wanted to have an intense – but not that unpleasant – religious debate. I was getting nowhere until I managed to scratch the surface by proving him wrong with a bit of Harry Potter trivia. That needs its own explanation – and it’s worth mentioning, but that story can wait for another time – but I did manage to scratch the surface a bit, and inside I was like, “Owned!”

As of November last year, I have over 20 portrait projects that I’ve been wanting to start, continue on, or finish, but I can’t because I have commissions to do for people, and it looks bad if I do those and not theirs. Though I do manage to sneak in one or two of my own pieces between commissions, every time I upload one to my Facebook gallery, literally that day, one of my clients would message me and say, “How’s the drawing going?” I’m not being rude or anything. It’s just that people need to understand that if I don’t draw for myself I get no pleasure in my drawing, and I have to be able to refresh my creative juices as it were. I’m not mucking them around, I’m merely keeping my headspace in line with every other thing that I do. It is really hard for me to spend months and months and months drawing stuff for other people and not being able to draw for myself. Drawing for other people requires a lot of head space, and it tends to clog things up if I have more than one on the go. It’s frustrating. Yet I keep saying “Yes, sure, I can draw that, of course, I can.”

I need a cup of tea.


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